I’m a queer and disabled illustrator and creative.

My work primarily adopts bold colours with cartoon and comic style influences. I am well-versed in traditional inkwork as well as digital illustration and design.

I’m passionate about all the themes that influence my life as a minority citizen - bodypositivity, feminism, disability, LGBTQ and ethnic minority representation. These themes imbue themselves into my art and I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

I write and illustrate independent comics based on what I’d like to see more of in the comics world; stories that I’m interested in, featuring people who are rarely represented in mainstream media.

I live in the Greater Manchester area, UK, with my partner and our pets. 

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"Julian is a pleasure to work with - we had great back and forth on the script, and he always had some good ideas to bring to the table."

-John Tristan, author of The Adorned

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AIR Gallery, Altrincham
1st Feb-10th Mar 2018

"Let's Talk About Sex"
Manchester Central Library
1st Feb-28th Feb 2018​

"Be Our Guest"
Manchester Craft & Design Centre
18th May 2017​  

Cons & Events 

Alternative Pride
Whitworth Park, Manchester
2nd Sept 2018

Sonder Presents: NOVUS Live Arts
The Hatch, Manchester
28th Sept 2018  


LGBT Foundation
Sexual Resource Illustrations

Transmangina Monologues Live Illustrations

Individual clients  

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