I’m a trans, queer, mixed race, disabled illustrator and creative.

I’m passionate about all the themes that influence my life and more - bodypositivity, feminism, plus disability, LGBTQ+ and ethnic minority representation. These themes imbue themselves into my art and I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

​I’m also a huge geek. I love Victorians, superheroes, and sci-fi. I write and illustrate independent comics based on what I’d like to see more of in the comics world; stories that I’m interested in, featuring people who look like me and my friends. It’s my dream to be successful in representing the groups I’m part of that so rarely get a look in.

I live in the Greater Manchester area, UK, with my wonderful boyfriend, his cat, and our three rats.​

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"Julian is a pleasure to work with - we had great back and forth on the script, and he always had some good ideas to bring to the table."

-John Tristan, author of The Adorned

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AIR Gallery, Altrincham
1st Feb-10th Mar 2018

"Let's Talk About Sex"
Manchester Central Library
1st Feb-28th Feb 2018​

"Be Our Guest"
Manchester Craft & Design Centre
18th May 2017​  

Cons & Events 

Alternative Pride
Whitworth Park, Manchester
2nd Sept 2018

Sonder Presents: NOVUS Live Arts
The Hatch, Manchester
28th Sept 2018  


LGBT Foundation
Sexual Resource Illustrations

Transmangina Monologues Live Illustrations

Individual clients  

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