KICKSTARTER: Spoonie Enamel Pin!

Calling all spoonies and chronic illness warriors!

I’m excited to announce my first ever KICKSTARTER!

If you’re interested in owning an enamel pin to showcase your spoonie pride, please check it out below and consider backing my campaign! Details about the pin, shipping, and the timeline of the campaign can all be seen in the Kickstarter itself!

I’ve been wanting to make this design into an enamel pin for ages, but haven’t had the funds to do it. Ergo - kickstarter!

For those of you who don’t know how Kickstarter works, it’s essentially a contract between a creator and the backer (you). You pledge a certain amount of money towards the production of the product, and when the creator reaches their goal, you receive that product as a reward for helping it come to fruition. It’s sort of like pre-ordering a video game only the video game hasn’t even been made yet. If the creator doesn’t reach their goal by the time their campaign ends (i.e. they haven’t raised enough to produce the product), you don’t have to pay anything. It’s an “all or nothing” model.

If you’d like to support me but aren’t interested in the actual pin, you can also offer a small donation towards the production of the pin without receiving one. :)

The Kickstarter will end on the 9th Jan 2019!

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