LGBT Foundation - LGBT Colouring Book Illustrations (2019)


Inspired by my work on the binder guide, the LGBT Foundation Communications Coordinator (Marketing & Digital) approached me for further illustrations in a similar style. The intention was to create an LGBT colouring book which could be handed out to families at LGBT events.

A physical meeting was arranged where the project was discussed and planned out in a more collaborative manner than previous work with the Foundation. I posed certain suggestions and ideas for the colouring book which were taken into account for the final plan. Budget was finalised over email.

Altogether, I provided 9 illustrations, 3 typography designs, 3 activity pages, and 2 edits of existing illustrations previously used in the binder guide. A variety of ethnicities, gender presentations, body types and family structures were shown.


Sketches were produced and delivered to the client via e-mail for approval. The client approved the sketches with no requests for changes.

An example of a sketch is shown here.

Final Illustrations below.

The client was pleased with the delivered work. They chose to make one minor change (a background colour change) to maximise readability in the final product.

A week before the release of the colouring book, I was asked to produce another last minute illustration (single trans father with child) which was included in the final book.

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