LGBT Foundation - Safe Binding Guide Illustrations (2019)


I was approached by the LGBT Foundation to produce illustrations for a planned safe binding guide for transmen and transmasculine people. Binding is the act of flattening your chest, normally through the use of binders (a type of garment) designed specifically for this purpose. 

Similar to my previous work for the LGBT Foundation, 20 illustrations (1 large cover image, 19 smaller images) was decided on as the ideal number for their resource. Brief and budget were discussed over e-mail. They wanted to see a variety of both masculine and more feminine/androgynous figures in the illustrations, both binding and not binding.


Linework for the 20 illustrations was produced and delivered to the client via e-mail for approval. No changes were requested and I received the go-ahead for colouring.

An example of the uncoloured linework is shown here.

Final Illustrations below.

The client was very pleased with the images and requested no changes to the colours.

Using Format